Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Post -Operative Instruction of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Post-Operative Instruction: 
•    Start ambulating as soon as possible 
•    May shower 48 hrs after surgery 
•    Avoid strenuous activities for 4 weeks 
•    Refrain from physical contact with breasts for 3-4 weeks 
•    Follow-up check with the surgeons will be 7 days after for suture removal and instructions on how to properly massage breasts to avoid capsular contraction. 
•    Massage breasts at 3 weeks post-op to prevent contracture
•    Only support bras without wire should be used after sutures are removed. 
•    According to doctor's instructions, bras may be worn about 1-2 weeks after surgery when most of the swelling has gone down. Support bras are recommended to maintain breast shape. 
•    May wear bra with wire 4-6 months after surgery.

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